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Questions about your visit

Is the trail open in bad weather?

Can I also visit the Treetop Walk during poor weather?
Yes, the trail is open all year round – even during rain. In snow the trail is cleared and accessible.
Only in the event of storms, hail, thunderstorms and ice do we reserve the right to close the Treetop Walk for safety reasons. In case of bad weather, the slide will also be closed.
If we have to close the Treetop Walk due to bad weather conditions, we will announce this on our website as well as on Facebook and Instagram. Feel free to check back here on the day of your visit before you head out to be sure!

Are dogs permitted on the Treetop Walk?

Can I bring my dog on the trail?
Unfortunately, due to our stringent hygiene and safety regulations, particularly because of the attendance of small children, dogs* or any other pets are not allowed on the Treetop Walk. In addition to hygienic aspects, the safety issue (for both animals and humans) also takes on a major part here. Most responsible owners of course look after their pet, but animals can show unexpected behaviour at height. Also, the width of the trail does not offer animals nor people with a fear of dogs the opportunity to retreat.
*Exceptions: Assistance dogs for the physically disabled, blind and visually impaired.

How long does a walk on the Treetop Walk take?

The trail takes 1043 metres. At a maximum gradient of 6 %, the visit is a gentle hike to the top of the 37-metre-high lookout tower. From there, you can also choose to speed down the trail by taking the slide. Usually, it takes you about an hour to complete the walk. Be aware that the last admission to the Treetop Walk is one hour before closing time when you plan your visit.

What do I have to know about the slide?

The slide is a tunnel slide, which means that you sit in a special slide mat and go down the slide in it. In general, anyone who wants to may use the slide. However, children less than 120 cm tall are only allowed on the mat if accompanied by a parent or guardian. Please note that we have to close the slide in case of bad weather.
The fee for the slide is €2 per person and the ticket office is located directly at the top of the tower.

Is the trail accessible for children?

A walk on the Treetop Walk is a great choice for children to have fun, experience adventure and learn about nature. The entire trail is accessible for children as well as wheelchairs. The barriers along the trail are transparent thanks to nets, so that even smaller children can observe nature well. Children under 15 are only allowed on the trail when accompanied by an adult.

Is there a baby changing room?

There is a baby changing area available in the disabled toilets before you enter the trail. The area is accessible with a pushchair, as well as the entire path to the top of the tower.

Can I use roller skates, scooters or a bicycle on the trail?

No, unfortunately this is not possible! For safety reasons, it is not permitted to use roller skates, scooters or bicycles on the trail. However, prams and wheelchairs are allowed.

Is the trail open in winter?

Yes. The trail is open all year round, except for All Saints’ Day on November 1st and Christmas Eve on December 24th.


Can the path be accessed with a wheelchair?

The trail and the lookout tower are designed to be low-barrier and, with a maximum gradient of 6 percent, are also well suited for wheelchairs and families with prams. The nets and handrails along the trail’s sides are transparent so that both wheelchair users and small children can enjoy the scenery on the Treetop Walk.

Can I also use an electric wheelchair on the trail?

Yes. Of course, people with disabilities may also use an electric wheelchair on the trail.

Are there disabled parking spaces nearby?

Of course, there are disabled parking spaces directly in front of the entrance to the trail. The parking spaces are well signposted and parking is for free.

We would like to take grandma/grandpa with us, but we are not sure if they will make it all the way on foot. Can we rent a wheelchair?

We do offer 2 wheelchairs, which can be borrowed free of charge right at the ticket office.

Are there toilets along the way?

There are no toilets directly on the Treetop Walk, but restrooms are available in front of the entrance, located on the righthand side of the building, next to ticket office 2. There are enough toilets for men, women and separately for disabled persons. Usage is free of charge.

Tickets and Admission Prices

Where can I buy a ticket for the Treetop Walk Pohorje?

Tickets can be purchased directly at the ticket office before accessing the trail.
Tickets can be purchased at the ticket office and admission is possible up to one hour before closing time of the trail. Last entry to the trail is also one hour before the trail closes.

Do you offer discounts for groups?

We are organising an excursion for our club – do we have an advantage as a larger group if we want to buy tickets?
Benefit from our reduced group rate. It applies to groups of 15 or more. We offer every 16th ticket free of charge for larger groups.

Are there discounted prices for people with disabilities?

Discount tickets are available for people with disabilities (holders of a disabled pass), senior citizens (65 years and older) and children (3-14 years).
The person accompanying a disabled person is admitted free of charge. Children under 3 years of age are also admitted free (they can pick up a free ticket at the ticket office).

Should we book the tickets in advance?

No. Tickets can always be purchased at the ticket office just before entering the track.

Can I pay by credit card?

You can pay by credit or debit card at the ticket office. We also accept card payments in the souvenir shop.

Questions about arrival and parking

How to arrive at your place?

You can reach the Treetop Walk by car. Leave the motorway at the Slovenske Konjice exit and follow the signs to Slovenske Konjice, Zreče and finally Rogla. From the motorway exit to Rogla it takes about half an hour (25 km).

Where to park?

There is enough car parking in Rogla between the Treetop Walk and Hotel Planja (and even beyond). Just follow the signs to the car parks. Use of the car park is free of charge.

Can I store my motorbike helmet or backpack somewhere?

We do have lockers for all visitors who arrive on bikes, motorbikes or have backpacks and would like to store them safely before heading out on the trail. The lockers are located in the corridor in front of the toilets and can be used free of charge. The deposit for each key is 1 €.