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Koča “Kajža”

Quick, local, fresh, seasonal… this is where you’ll find homemade snacks, hot dogs, fries, pizza, refreshing healthy drinks, coffee, fresh fruit, ice cream, smoothies and pancakes.

Discover restaurants and holiday homes in Rogla Culinary delights in Rogla

Hotel Natura

With a selection of delicious meals, Hotel Natura brings together traditional, seasonal dishes from the wild garden and well-chosen Slovenian wines. Make sure to try the homemade pastries and the excellent coffee on the cosy sun terrace.

Discover Hotel Natura Culinary delights in Rogla

Restaurants at the Treetop Walk Pohorje

About Koča “Kajža” and Hotel Natura

Distance to the Treetop Walk
Koča “Kajža”: 30 metres
Hotel Natura: 200 metres

Vegetarian offer
Koča “Kajža”: yes
Hotel Natura: yes

Koča “Kajža”: Outdoor seating
Hotel Natura: Seating outdoors and in the hotel

Number of seating
Koča “Kajža”: 20 seats
Hotel Natura: 120 seats in the restaurant , 100 seats on the terrace

Koča “Kajža”: Snacks, refreshments, coffee, ice cream, smoothies and pancakes
Hotel Natura: Local cuisine, traditional dishes with a modern twist, desserts, refreshments, coffee, wines

Payment methods
Koča “Kajža”: Cash or credit card
Hotel Natura: Cash or credit card

Culinary delights in Rogla

Restaurants around the
Treetop Walk Pohorje

Pizzeria and Pub Planja:

An ideal place for a good start to skiing and hiking, or for relaxing and refreshing at the end of an active day. Enjoy traditional Pohorje cuisine, a rich breakfast, excellent pizzas, hot and cold drinks.
Located 400 metres from Treetop Walk Pohorje.
35 seats inside and 50 seats on the summer terrace

Restaurant “Stara Koča”

The “Stara koča” restaurant is the older part of the former mountain lodge, which was converted into a hotel complex. It is traditionally designed in the style of the old farmhouse rooms. Try the excellent local food prepared according to the recipes of our grandmothers and a wide selection of good Slovenian wines.

Located 500 metres from Treetop Walk Pohorje.
40 seats inside and a summer terrace with 50 seats

Bar Uniorček

In winter, this is the place to meet for all generations. Just a few minutes’ walk from the hotel you will find yourself at a aprés-ski party! The bar is one of the most popular places on Rogla where you can enjoy snacks and warm drinks when you are skiing.

1000 metres from the Pohorje Treetop Walk.
35 seats inside and 100 on the terrace

Koča na pesku

This traditional lodge in Pohorje is located a little apart from the hustle and bustle on Mount Roga. It is a popular excursion and hiking destination, where you can try the traditional specialities of the house.

3700 metres from the Treetop Walk Pohorje
58 seats inside and 120 seats on the summer terrace