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The Sentier des cimes in the heart of the Laurentians

Observe nature
from a new angle

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In collaboration with the Quebec company Vague de Cirque, which since 2009 has created a number of shows presented both in Canada and internationally, the Sentier des cimes Laurentides presents the exclusive high-flying show LÀ-HAUT inside its 40-metre-high panoramic tower.

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Experience nature

from a different angle

Stroll amidst the treetops, explore the mysteries of native plant and animal species, make your way across a net a dizzying 40 m off the ground, in complete safety, soak in the breathtaking Laurentian scenery for as far as the eye can see: That’s what the Sentier des cimes Laurentides is all about.

Admission fees and opening hours

Plan your visit

Find all the information you need to plan your visit to the Sentier des cimes Laurentides at a glance.

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Besides the treetop hike and the panoramic tower

Explore around
the trail

Star formed by a group lying on the net suspended at 40 meters high, at the top of the panoramic tower of the Sentier des cimes Laurentides: view from below

The suspended net

The highlight of the Sentier des cimes Laurentides is the panoramic tower: for the most adventurous, the giant net in the center of the tower, suspended 40 meters high, will be the highlight of the visit!

Chez Émile Restaurant and terrace

Chez Émile Restaurant offers a varied seasonal menu made of fresh, healthy and local ingredients.

Note that this is self-service.

Gifts and local products presented in the exclusive Sentier des cimes Laurentides boutique

The exclusive boutique

Products from local Quebec and Canadian artisans: books, wooden toys souvenirs, stuffed animals, body care, local products and much more…

Bird view of the site of the old fish farm in Saint-Faustin in the Laurentians now proposing the new attraction of the Sentier des cimes Laurentides

The Old fish farm

Built in the 1930s and attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors at the time, the former fish farm is a public site of exceptional value for its historical, natural and cultural heritage.

Now fully restored, the site offers hiking and snowshoeing trails as well as direct access to the P’tit Train du Nord linear park (234 km of multifunctional trail in the Laurentians).


asked questions


Is the trail open when it rains?

Is the trail open when it rains?

The Sentier des cimes is open all year round, find our opening hours for each season here [to opening hours].
In the event of special weather conditions, such as thunderstorms or high winds, or other situations beyond our control, such as a power failure, the site will be closed.
The announcement of the closure will be made on our Facebook page.

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Is the walkway wheelchair accessible?

Is the walkway wheelchair accessible?

The walkway and the panoramic tower have no obstacles and are therefore easily accessible with a wheelchair or a stroller.

With a maximum slope of 6%, the path has several areas with no inclination, where it is possible to rest.

During the winter season, walkway conditions may cause difficulty for wheelchair access. Please contact us at 873-229-0363 to verify.

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Can I bring my dog?

Can I bring my dog?

Dogs* or any other animals are unfortunately not allowed on the walkway.

In addition to the hygiene aspect, the safety aspect for animals and humans plays a major role in the prohibition of animals on the walkway. Although most owners might act responsibly and keep an eye on their animals, dogs can show unexpected behavior towards strangers or other animals. Fear of heights can also trigger an uncontrolled flight response in dogs. Unfortunately, the narrow path width does not offer any retreat or escape option for animals or for people who are afraid of dogs.

*Exception: Disabled companion and assistance dogs**.

**For assistance dogs, persons accompanied by their dog must present a document from a health professional attesting to the person’s need (due to a disability, medical condition or mental health issue) and the animal’s usefulness in alleviating that need. They must also present information and documentation on the animal’s behaviour and the risk it presents in a public space such as the Sentier des cimes Laurentides (

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Groups‚ corporate‚ school and special events

Delight your group!

Group having fun at the top of the Sentier des cimes Laurentides panoramic tower at sunset

A drink on top of the tower, guided tours, tastings of local products, photo shoots, and many other ideas to make your excursions and activities the best they can be.

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