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Autumn activities :


The Sentier des cimes Laurentides is open all year.
Come and enjoy nature!

✔Self-serve restaurant, outdoor bar and terrace surrounded by gardens and fountains
✔ Family activities, sunsets,
guided tours (additional costs)

✔ Singers on Saturdays and Sundays

Panoramic Tower

The Panoramic Tower

The panoramic tower – a spectacular view from a height of 40 meters

The highest point of the Sentier des cimes Laurentides is the panoramic tower rising to 40 meters, the equivalent of a dozen floors.

Once at the top, you’ll have a breathtaking view of the region’s beautiful rolling landscape, characteristic of the Laurentian mountain range, and you’ll see various landmarks, including Mont-Tremblant.

Each season offers a view filled with unique colors and endless horizons. Fill up on fresh air and memories.

Suspended net:

And for the more adventurous, the giant net in the center of the tower, suspended 40 meters high, will be the highlight of the visit!


  • Total length: 1,350 meters
  • Tower height: 40 meters
  • Walkway height: up to 18 meters
  • Maximum slope: 6%


The walkway

The walkway

A safe, barrier-free and universally accessible walkway
The path, made entirely of wood, is completely free of obstacles and designed to promote comfort and safety.

The boardwalk rises smoothly to the top of the panoramic tower at a maximum slope of 6%, allowing families with strollers and people in wheelchairs or scooters to enjoy a walk adapted to their needs.

Let the children marvel without fear and enjoy the smiles of your loved ones!

At the very beginning of the trail, an elevator provides access to the first level of the trail. All of the site’s infrastructures are designed in accordance with the principles of universal accessibility.

Educational panels

Educational panels

Educational panels

Discover, learn, feel
All along the trail, a few playful balance games are installed at a dizzying height for everyone’s amusement, and learning stations are set up to help you discover nature from a new perspective.

Custom-designed in collaboration with local partners, the educational panels highlight local flora and fauna and are full of anecdotes and little-known information.

  • Do you know what mustelids are?
  • Do you practice Shirin Yoku?
  • Can you find NTFPs?

Bird house

The bird house

The bird house

Watching and feeding chickadees
A “bird feeder” custom built by our fantastic team is located on one of the platforms on the pathway.
It attracts, among others, chickadees and some squirrels: come and observe them and why not offer them a handful of seeds so that the birds eat out of your hand!

Sentier des cimes Laurentides


Last admission is one hour before closing.

9 am to 9 pm

10 am to 9 pm

10 am to 8 pm

10 am to 7 pm

9 am to 6:30 pm

10 am to 6 pm

10 am to 4 pm


Last admission is one hour before closing.

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Frequently asked questions


Can I fly a drone on the Sentier des cimes?

Can I fly a drone on the Sentier des cimes?

Everyone is allowed to take pictures and videos for private purposes on the Sentier des cimes. However, overflights and filming with drones are prohibited. In addition to environmental protection (noise caused by large drones, disturbance of strictly protected animal habitats during take-off, landing and flight of drones), this prohibition is also intended to protect our visitors from unwanted filming.

For photos and films made on the Sentier des cimes for commercial purposes, a filming permit is always required.

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Is the walkway wheelchair accessible?

Is the walkway wheelchair accessible?

The walkway and the panoramic tower have no obstacles and are therefore easily accessible with a wheelchair or a stroller.

With a maximum slope of 6%, the path has several areas with no inclination, where it is possible to rest.

During the winter season, walkway conditions may cause difficulty for wheelchair access. Please contact us at 873-229-0363 to verify.

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Can I bring my dog?

Can I bring my dog?

Dogs* or any other animals are unfortunately not allowed on the walkway.

In addition to the hygiene aspect, the safety aspect for animals and humans plays a major role in the prohibition of animals on the walkway. Although most owners might act responsibly and keep an eye on their animals, dogs can show unexpected behavior towards strangers or other animals. Fear of heights can also trigger an uncontrolled flight response in dogs. Unfortunately, the narrow path width does not offer any retreat or escape option for animals or for people who are afraid of dogs.

*Exception: Disabled companion and assistance dogs**.

**For assistance dogs, persons accompanied by their dog must present a document from a health professional attesting to the person’s need (due to a disability, medical condition or mental health issue) and the animal’s usefulness in alleviating that need. They must also present information and documentation on the animal’s behaviour and the risk it presents in a public space such as the Sentier des cimes Laurentides (

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