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The island of Usedom


Usedom has many aspects. The island is best known for its long, fine-sand beach, which stretches from Peenemünde in the northwest to the Polish town of Swinemünde in the east. The hinterland – also known as Achterland – is characterised by numerous lakes, moorland and woodland areas. The Treetop Walk takes your visit on the island to a completely new level: with a view to the sea, you can also experience the unique flora and fauna at first hand and take unique memories with you.


The wooden windmill Pudagla on the island of Usedom.

Pudagla windmill

The fully functional wooden windmill is located on a hill on the outskirts of Pudagla. At the annual mill festivals, people grind, bake and exhibit.

Men weaving baskets on Usedom


Germany’s oldest beach chair factory is just a stone’s throw from the Treetop Walk. You can have your individual beach chair built here or participate in a guided tour of the factory.

Hiking trail in the forest with a view on the Baltic Sea

Spa and healing forest

In direct neighbourhood to the Treetop Walk Usedom Europe’s first spa and healing forest, the “green pharmacy” by the sea is located. Its healing qualities are based on its unique combination of the air of sea and forest.

Die Seebrücke Heringsdorf bei Sonnenuntergang

Kaiserbäder (imperial baths)

The Kaiserbäder (imperial baths) of Ahlbeck, Heringsdorf and Bansin are the best-known health and seaside resorts on the island of Usedom. They look back on 200 years of spa tradition. Its trademarks include the mansions built in the style of seaside resort architecture and the piers.

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