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Is it permitted to take dogs on the Treetop Walk?

Dogs or pets of any kind are unfortunately not allowed on the trail. The only exception to this is for disabled companion dogs and care assistance dogs.

We want to enable all guests to have a worry-free outdoor experience on our Treetop Walk, including those visitors who shy away from or are even afraid of animals. In addition, we want to prevent hygienic problems that can arise due to the natural requirements of an animal. Last but not least, walking at great heights is highly stressful for the animals. Occurring fear of heights in dogs can cause unexpected social or even flight behaviour.

That is why lockable dog boxes with fresh drinking water are available near the entrance area. These can be used by our guests free of charge. Dogs are able to stay here while they wait for their owners.

Is the trail open during bad weather?

Yes, the trail is open in case of rain and in case of snowfall the trail will be cleared and is accessible.

We only reserve the right to close the walkway for safety reasons in the event of thunderstorms, hail, storms and ice.

If the path has to be closed, we will announce this on the website.

Are children allowed to walk on the trail on their own?

Visitors younger than the age of 14 need an adult to accompany them on their visit to the Treetop Walk.

The path is low barrier, which means that it can be used comfortably with buggies. For safety reasons, scooters, running bikes, or similar devices are not allowed to be taken onto the trail.

How long does it take to visit the path?

The Treetop Walk Usedom has a total length of 1,350 metres. You can expect to spend between 1 hour and 2 hours with us.

Do I need my spa card for a visit on the Treetop Walk?

It is not necessary to present your spa/guest card (UsedomCard) at the ticket office of the Treetop Walk. On presentation of the UsedomCard in our in-house restaurant there is a 10% discount on food and drinks.

With a spa/guest card from the three Kaiserbäder (imperial spas) of Ahlbeck, Heringsdorf and Bansin, use of public buses is free of charge. This way you can get to the path without any stress.

Is it allowed to enter the Treetop Walk with inline skates or a scooter?

Unfortunately, this is not possible. For safety reasons, the path may not be accessed with inline skates, skateboards, city scooters and bicycles or similiar vehicles.

Am I allowed to fly a drone on the Treetop Walk?

For private purposes, everyone is allowed to take photographs and film on the Treetop Walk. However, overflights and recordings with drones are prohibited. Apart from environmental protection (noise caused by large drones, disturbance of the animals’ strictly protected habitats during take-off, landing and drone flights), protection of our visitors from unwanted recordings also matters for the ban.

A filming permission is always required for photo and film recordings made at the Treetop Walk for commercial purposes. For more information, please visit our press section:

Am I allowed to smoke on the trail?

Smoking is prohibited on the Treetop Walk. This may first seem strange for an open-air leisure activity, but please be aware of the following: You are staying in a strictly prohibited area. Throwaway cigarette butts are an unpleasant co-inhabitant here, which not only persist for a long time (2-7 years), but also could start wildfires.


Is the path accessible for wheelchairs or prams?

Access to the Treetop Walk, the path itself and the observation tower are designed to be wheelchair friendly.
The entrance to the actual path is provided by a lift in the entrance tower. It allows elderly people, those in wheelchairs and parents with pushchairs to visit the trail comfortably and without any problems.
With a maximum gradient of 6%, the path can also be used by wheelchair users, with a walker or a pram.
Rest areas without ascents provide frequent opportunities to take a break.
At the end of the Treetop Walk is an observation tower with a height of 33 metres. Wheelchair or pram access is possible up to the top platform.
Our catering facilities, the “Futterkrippe”, can also be used by wheelchair users.

Are wheelchairs available for rent?

The Treetop Walk Usedom provides a wheelchair service. Wheelchairs and rollators can be hired free of charge by calling +49 38378 / 48 82-0.
When renting a wheelchair, a valid identity card must be left at the cash desk for deposit. The ID has to be collected from the cash desk at least one hour before closing time.

Do you provide parking spaces for people with disabilities?

Directly in front of our entrance you will find the public car park of Heringsdorf railway station, which is subject to a charge. There is also parking space for people with disabilities on site.

Is there a disabled toilet at the Treetop Walk?

Yes, a disability-friendly toilet is provided for our guests.


Is it possible to eat something at the Treetop Walk?

Located in the entrance area to the treetop trail is our restaurant, Futterkrippe. Snacks, food, cold and hot drinks are served there.

Can I bring a picnic to the Treetop Walk

Of course, you are allowed to bring your own food and drinks. Please note, however, that you also have to take back everything you bring along. To protect the environment, please do not throw any trash or bottles off the trail and leave the trail as you would want to find it by yourselves. You will find waste buckets in several areas around the path.

Can I warm a glass of baby food in the restaurant?

Yes, this is possible. A microwave is located in the self-service area for this purpose.

Can our entire group dine in the restaurant?

As a matter of course, tour groups, school classes and children’s groups can also visit our restaurant Futterkrippe. Registration of groups and specific arrangements are possible with our administration by phone +49 38378 / 4882-0.


Where can I get tickets?

You can purchase tickets directly on site at the ticket office of the Treetop Walk or beforehand online in the ticket shop.

Purchase of tickets at the ticket office and admission are possible until 1 hour before the closing time of the path.

Do I have to print my online ticket?

It’s not required to print your ticket. For the sake of environment, you can easily scan the ticket at the terminal using your smartphone. In this case, we recommend to download the ticket in advance in order to avoid problems due to poor mobile phone coverage.

Can I get a gift voucher for the Treetop Walk?

Our gift vouchers are available directly in the online ticket shop.

I have a free entrance ticket for the Treetop Walk Usedom. Can I redeem it in the online ticketshop?

Unfortunately, free tickets cannot be credited in the online ticketing. Instead, they can only be redeemed directly at the ticket counters along the path.

Is it possible to combine reductions or a discount from events and promotions using online-ticketing?

Discounts from special offers and events can only be obtained directly at the entrance ticket office at the path.

There is a category with reduced tickets for schoolchildren over 15, students, pensioners and 65+ in the online ticket shop. For discounted tickets, please bring your ID with you so that it can be checked on site.

People with disabilities also receive reduced admission. The ticket can only be purchased at the ticket office on site. We will be happy to check at the ticket office, whether a necessary accompanying person can be admitted free of charge.

How long is an online ticket valid for?

Our online tickets are date-stamped and only valid on the chosen day of your visit. Please check the opening hours before your visit and note that the last entry is 1 hour before closing time.

Can I return my Online Ticket?

A refund of online tickets is not possible. Please note that the day-dated online ticket expires if you do not redeem it on the booked date!

An exchange to another date is possible. Please write an E-mail to and let us know your order number and your new visit date.

May I transfer my Online Ticket?

Online tickets are transferable within the same ticket category (children, adults, reduced). Any commercial resale, however, is prohibited. Of course, each online ticket can just be used once.

I have purchased an online ticket but I did not receive an e-mail or can no longer find it. What should I do?

Have you accidentally deleted or lost your confirmation of order? Please send us an e-mail to We will be happy to forward the tickets to you again.