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Things to know about the wooden walk



The path

The path

Usedom is known for its variety of cycling and hiking trails. However, a walk at treetop level is only possible on the walkway.

You start and finish at the entrance and exit tower to the Treetop Walk. You can take the stairs for the first few metres or low barrier via the lift. Then it’s a stairless walk along the wooden path to the observation tower.

Facts and figures about the path

  • Length of the walkway: 785 metres
  • Maximum height of path: up to 23 Meter
  • Amount of wood used: 957 m³
  • Types of wood used: Larch, Douglas fir

Learning and activity stations

Learning and activity stations

Learning and activity stations

Along the 1,350-metre-long trail there are numerous learning and activity stations to provide variety during the visit.

The learning stations provide interesting information about the local tree species, flora and fauna of the island of Usedom, its history and geography and others. Seeing and feeling are in demand, touching and turning are desired!

At the activity stations you have to overcome balancing beams or wobbly elements at dizzy heights. Fun and excitement are guaranteed.


The tower

The tower

The highlight of the Treetop Walk is the square observation tower. It is modelled on the former “Bismarckwarte”. This stood only a few metres away in the period 1907 – 1946 and was a popular destination for excursions.Once you reach the top of the tower, you are 72 metres above sea level – and thus at the highest point on Usedom.

With a maximum rise of 6%, it is wheelchair accessible all the way to the top viewing platform. From there, you will enjoy an impressive panorama in all directions and see the island of Usedom in all its diversity.

Facts and figures about the tower

  • Length of the walkway in the tower: 565 metres
  • Height of the tower: 33 metres
  • Length of each loop in the tower: 96 metres


The Net

The net

For adventure-seekers, a special surprise awaits at the very top of the tower.

In the middle of the roof-top platform there is a 50m² walk-through net. Here you can hover 33 metres above the forest floor and test your fitness for heights.

Since the lookout tower is built on the Präsidentenberg (president’s hill), the tower platform is 75 metres above sea level, making it the island of Usedom’s highest peak.

Overview map for the treetop walk Usedom


Opening hours

9:30 am to 4 pm

9:30 am to 6 pm

9:30 am to 7 pm


closing of the ticket office/last entry 1 hour before closing time

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FAQs about your journey on the trail



Is the trail open in case of bad weather?

Is the trail open in case of bad weather?

Yes, in case of rain the walk is open and in case of snowfall the path will be cleared and is accessible.
We reserve the right to close the trail for safety reasons only in the event of thunderstorms, heavy rain, storms and ice.
If the Treetop Walk has to be closed, we will announce this on the website, Facebook and Instagram as soon as possible.

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Is the Treetop Walk accessible for wheelchairs and children’s carriages?

Is the Treetop Walk accessible for wheelchairs and children’s carriages?

Access to the Treetop Walk, the wooden walkway itself and the observation tower are designed to be low-barrier.
You can access the actual trail via a lift in the access tower. It also allows senior citizens, wheelchair users and parents with buggies a comfortable and carefree visit.
The trail has a maximum gradient of 6% and is accessible to wheelchair users, walkers and prams.
Rest areas with no ascent offer frequent opportunities to take a break.
At the end of the trail there is a 33-metre high observation tower. Wheelchair or baby carriage users can access the top platform.
Our restaurant, the “Futterkrippe”, is also accessible to wheelchair users without barriers.
A disabled toilet is provided.

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Are dogs allowed on the treetop path?

Are dogs allowed on the treetop path?

Dogs or any kind of animals are unfortunately not allowed along the trail. The only exception is for disabled companion dogs and care assistance dogs.
On the Treetop Walk, we want to provide all guests with a lighthearted outdoor experience, including visitors who may shy away from encounters with animals or even be afraid of them. In addition, we want to prevent hygienic issues that can arise due to the natural requirements of the animal. Last but not least, walking at great heights is stressful for the animals. Occurring fear of heights in dogs can trigger unexpected social or even escape behaviour.
Due to these reasons, there are lockable dog boxes with fresh drinking water available at the entrance area. These are free of charge. The dog can wait there for its owners.

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Treetop Walk Usedom – award-winning tourist destination


The Treetop Walk Usedom is ranked number 1 in the tourism awards category and received the Busplanner Innovation Award 2022.

Busplanner Innovation Award 2022

April 26th 2022 | The Treetop Walk is awarded with the Busplanner Innovation Prize and is ranked first in the category of Tourist Attractions. Together with its sibling trail in Alsace, the Treetop Walk Usedom was honoured as an extraordinary tourist attraction.