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Questions and answers around your stay

Is the suspension bridge Wildline part of the Treetop Walk?

No, the Wildline is operated by another company and does not count as part of the services offered by Erlebnis Akademie AG.

How long does it take to walk the trail?

The trail has a total length of 1,250 metres.

Time spent on the trail varies between 1 hour and 2 hours.

Can I take a picnic with me to the Treetop Walk?

Of course, you are allowed to bring your own food and refreshments. However, please note that you have to take back as much as you bring in. For the sake of the environment, please do not throw any waste off the trail and leave it as you would like to find it. There are trash cans in several locations around the trail.

Is smoking permitted on the Treetop Walk?

Smoking is prohibited on the Treetop Walk. This might at first seem strange for an outdoor activity, but please keep in mind: You are in a strictly protected area. Throwaway cigarette butts are unwanted co-inhabitants here, which not only persist (2-7 years), but also can cause forest fires.

May I fly a drone on the Treetop Walk?

For private purposes only, photography and filming on the Treetop Walk with a mobile phone or camera is permitted. Overflights and recordings taken with drones are prohibited, on the other hand. Apart from environmental protection (noise from larger drones, disturbance of the strictly protected habitats of the animals during take-off, landing and drone flights), the protection of our visitors from unwanted recordings also is an important factor in the ban.

Permission is always required for commercial photography and filming on the Treetop Walk. More information about this can be found in our press area.

Is it allowed to use inline skates on the trail?

Unfortunately not. For safety reasons, you may not use inline skates, skateboards, city scooters or any kind of vehicle on the trail.

Can I visit the Treetop Walk during bad weather?

In keeping the motto “There is no such thing as bad weather, there is only bad clothing”, we are open as an outdoor facility even when the sun is not out all day. When it snows, the trail is cleared and as accessible even when it rains.

Only in the event of thunderstorms, hail, storms and ice we keep the right to close the trail for safety reasons.

Can I walk my dog on the Sommerberg outside of the trail?

There is no difficulty in doing so. Please note, however, that you must keep your dog on a leash on the Sommerberg and the ascent paths.

Can I bring my dog with me?

Dogs* and pets of any kind are unfortunately not allowed at the trail.

Safety (for both animals and for people) plays a major role in the decision to ban animals on the trail, apart from hygienic factors. Although most responsible owners keep a close eye on their animals, dogs can show unexpected social behaviour towards strangers and also towards other dogs of their own species. Fear of heights in dogs can also trigger flight behaviour. Unfortunately, the limited width of the path offers neither retreat nor escape possibilities for animals nor for people with a fear of animals.

*Exception: disabled companion dogs and care assistance dogs.

Is there a nappy-changing room?

A baby changing room is located in the tower.

Are children allowed to go on the trail on their own?

Children under the age of 14 need to be supervised by an adult.

We offer a Comic Rallye for children on the Treetop Walk. The comic boards especially for our younger guests with messages about nature and landscape playfully introduce topics of biodiversity.

The comic book, which can be purchased at the ticket office, is an accompanying booklet for the Treetop Walk. It raises questions that can be answered by studying and reading the panels on the Treetop Walk.

The trail and tower have no steps, so you can also take your little ones up to the 40-metre-high lookout tower in the comfort of a pushchair.

Furthermore, we also do offer a family rate with special pricing!


Can wheelchairs and walkers be rented?

Wheelchairs and walkers can be rented free of charge after making an appointment in advance by phone. Please call us on +49 7081 / 925 0940.

Important advice:

  • We ask for your understanding that on days with particularly high visitor numbers, all wheelchairs/wheelchairs may be booked out.
  • Please note that a valid photo ID must be left at the cash desk as a deposit when renting a wheelchair.
  • The borrowed wheelchairs and walkers must be returned to the ticket office at least 1 hour before closing time.
Are there disabled toilets at the Treetop Walk?

There is a disabled toilet in the tower.

Are there PWK parking spaces for people with disabilities?

There are four parking spaces for the disabled right next to the Auerhahn Restaurant with low barrier access (approx. 200 metres) to the Treetop Walk. You will find further disabled parking spaces in the Peter-Liebig-Weg.

Is the Treetop Walk accessible for visitors in wheelchairs or with a wheelchair?

The Treetop Walk and the lookout tower have no steps at all and are therefore also easily accessible for visitors with wheelchairs and walkers.

The trail itself, with its maximum incline of 6%, also offers rest areas without gradients where you can take a break.


I ordered an online ticket but did never receive an e-mail or can no longer find it. What can I do?

Did you accidentally delete or lose your order confirmation? Please send us an e-mail to We will be happy to send your tickets again.

Is an Online Ticket transferable?

Online tickets are transferable within the same ticket category (children, adults, reduced). Resale for commercial purposes, in any case, is prohibited. Each online ticket can only be used once.

Can I refund my Online Ticket?

We cannot refund online tickets. Please note that the day-dated online ticket will expire if you do not redeem it on the booked date!

An exchange to another date is possible. Please write an E-mail to and let us know your order number and your new visit date.

How long are online tickets valid?

Our online tickets are day-dated and only valid on the chosen day of the visit. Please note the opening hours at the Treetop Walk Black Forest.

Can I use discounts or a discount from events and promotions in combination with the online ticket?

Discounted entry from promotions and events can only be obtained directly at the ticket office on the trail.

There is a “Reduced” category in the online ticket shop for people with disabilities, pupils above the age of 15, students, pensioners and 65+. For reduced tickets, please bring your ID with you so that it can be checked on site.

I have a free ticket for the Treetop Walk Black Forest. Can I redeem it in the online ticket shop?

Free tickets are unfortunately not redeemable in the ticket shop, and can only be converted into an admission ticket directly at the ticket offices on the Treetop Walk.

Can I buy a gift voucher for the Treetop Walk?

Please find our gift vouchers directly in the online ticket shop.

Do I have to print my online ticket?

You don’t have to. To protect our environment, simply show your ticket on your smartphone at the terminal. In that case, we kindly recommend that you download the ticket to avoid problems with poor mobile phone reception.

Where can I get tickets for the Treetop Walk Black Forest?

You will be able to purchase tickets directly at the walkway entrance or via the online ticket shop. If you buy your ticket online, you may avoid longer queues at the entrance.