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The tower

The tower

Our lookout tower: For those who want to reach for the skies

It is the lookout tower that is literally the highlight of the Treetop Walk – it rises 42 metres into the sky. Arriving at the top platform, it rewards the visitors with a unique panoramic view over the landscape of the Nature Park Saar-Hunsrück, including the valley of the Saarschleife and, on clear days, all the way to the Vosges Mountains. Just like the Treetop Walk, the path in the tower is designed as a continuously gradient ramp with only a gentle ascent, making it an ideal destination for wheelchair users and families with prams.

Facts and figures about the tower

  • Height of the tower: 42 metres
  • Gradient: maximum of 6%
  • Surface of top platform: 70 square metres
  • Length of walkway inside the tower: 450 metres
  • Height viewing platform over sea level: 407 metres
  • Diameter of tower: 32 metres
  • Number of tower supports (glued beams): 9
  • Number of screws installed: prox. 100.000

The path

The path

The trail – fully accessible from entrance to lookout tower

Walking in untouched nature up to 23 metres above ground while gaining unique perspectives is exactly what the Treetop Walk invites visitors of all ages to do. The trail is also accessible with prams, wheelchairs or walking aids.

The Treetop Walk leads 1,250 metres through the upper levels of the forest passing beech, oak and Douglas fir towards the Saarschleife.

Along the path, there are learning stations where you can explore, feel and experience all kinds of life in the forest. Adventurers young and old have the chance to prove their climbing skills and courage at dizzy heights on the activity stations.

Learning and activity stations

Learning and activity stations

Exploring the laws of the forest or going on climbing adventures

Along the trail, you will frequently find learning stations that invite you to experience all kinds of life in the mixed deciduous forest of the nature park Saar-Hunsrück using all your senses. Furthermore, you can learn about the forest in a playful way.

Our activity stations, small platforms with climbing and balancing elements or a slide provide the ideal amount of fun for your visit.



Answer the secrets of the forest and win a small prize!

The Comic Rallye is a very popular game for our younger guests. It contains a comic booklet full of questions about nature and the landscape, which must be solved along the trail using the comic boards placed at the trail’s side nets. The squirrel and the inhabitants of the forest will support you to find the right answers.

Whoever has completed all the tasks will be rewarded with a small prize at the end of the excursion.

The Comic Rallye is operated by our non-profit subsidiary DoNature gGmbH.

Discover the DoNature gGmbH

Treetop Walk Shop

Treetop Walk Shop

Our Treetop Walk Shop

At the end of the trail, you will find the Treetop Walk shop. This shop offers unique souvenirs of the visit, many regional products and the perfect small gift for everyone.

Overview map for the treetop walk Saarschleife

Treetop Walk Saarschleife


09:30 a.m. to 04:00 p.m. 09:30 a.m. to 06:00 p.m. 09:30 a.m. to 07:00 p.m. 09:30 a.m. to 06:00 p.m. 09:30 a.m. to 04:00 p.m.
open daily | last admission 03:00 p.m. last admission 05:00 p.m. last admission 06:00 p.m. last admission 05:00 p.m. last admission 03:00 p.m.

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FAQs about your time on the Treetop Walk



Is it possible to visit the Treetop Walk even if the weather is bad?

Is it possible to visit the Treetop Walk even if the weather is bad?

Yes, in case of rain the trail is kept open and in case of snowfall the trail will be cleared and accessible.

Only in the event of thunderstorms, hail, storms and ice the trail will be closed for safety reasons.

If we do have to close the trail at short notice, we will announce it here on the website and on our social networks Facebook and Instagram. We recommend that you double-check here on the day of your visit before you head out!

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Wheelchairs and Prams

Is the trail accessible for people with a pram or a pushchair?

Is the trail accessible for people with a pram or a pushchair?

Reaching the Treetop Walk Saarschleife and the Treetop Walk incl. the lookout tower itself are designed to be wheelchair accessible.

The trail has a maximum gradient of 6% and is also accessible for wheelchair users and prams.

Areas for rest without any ascent offer opportunities to stop for a break.

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Are dogs also allowed on the Treetop Walk Saarschleife?

Are dogs also allowed on the Treetop Walk Saarschleife?

Dogs* or any other type of pets are unfortunately not tolerated on the trail.

Apart from the hygiene aspect, safety (for animals and humans) plays a major role in the prohibition of animals on our trail. Although most responsible owners keep a close eye on their animals, dogs can show unexpected social behaviour towards strangers and also towards other animals of their own species. A dog’s anxiety about heights can also trigger flight behaviour. Unfortunately, the limited width of the path offers neither retreat nor escape possibilities for animals nor for people with a fright of dogs.

*Exception: companion dogs for the disabled and care assistance dogs.

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Looking for gift ideas for your partner? Do you need a gift for your wife? Maybe you’re wondering what you could gift a co-worker or colleague? We have the perfect solution. What about an experience that will be remembered for a lifetime?


Open the ticket shop and select the “Redeem gift vouchers” option. Afterwards, our ticket shop will guide you through an easy process and you’ll have your valid ticket in your mailbox in almost no time!

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Awards for our Treetop Walk Saarschleife


Tourispo Award Top Excursion Destination for Families Treetop Walk Saarschleife

TouriSpo Award: Top excursion destination

21 September 2017 | The leisure portal has awarded the most beautiful Treetop Walks in Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic. The Treetop Walk Saarschleife and its sibling trails of Erlebnis Akademie AG received the award “Top Excursion Destination”.

The Treetop Walk Saarschleife has been awarded as group destination 2019 by

Group destination 2019

The Treetop Walk Saarschleife has been awarded the title of Group Destination 2019 by