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Can I rent a buggy or pushchair at the Treetop Walk in Alsace?

We are sorry, but there is no possibility to rent buggies or pushchairs.

Is there a nappy-changing room for children?

Yes, a changing room is available at the Treetop Walk Alsace in the toilet areas.

Can I bring something to eat on the Treetop Walk?

Of course, you are allowed to bring your own food and drinks. Please note, that everything you take with you, must be taken away as well. For the sake of the environment, please do not throw any trash off the trail and leave it as you wish to discover it. You will find waste bins in several spots around the trail.

Is it allowed to smoke on the Treetop Walk?

Smoking is banned on the Treetop Walk. This may seem strange at first for an outdoor attraction, but please be aware: You are in a strictly protected area. Carelessly discarded cigarette stubs are unwelcome co-inhabitants that not only persist (2-7 years) but can also start forest fires.

Can I fly a drone on the Treetop Walk?

Anyone may take photographs and film on the Treetop Walk for private purposes. Flyovers and recordings with drones, on the other hand, are prohibited. In addition to environmental protection (noise from larger drones, disturbance of strictly protected animal habitats during take-off, landing and drone flights), we also want to protect our visitors from any unwanted recordings.
Permission is always required for commercial photography and filming on the Treetop Walk. More information on this can be found in our press area:

Can I go out onto the trail by bike, inline skates or scooter?

We are sorry, but no! For safety reasons, inline skates, skateboards, city scooters or bicycles are not permitted on the trail.

Are children allowed to visit the trail on their own?

Children under 14 years of age need an adult companion. The trail is fully accessible which means that it is also easily accessible with prams or wheelchairs. We also offer a family rate for families.

What is the duration of a visit to the Treetop Walk?

A visit to Treetop Walk Alsace takes between one and one and a half hours. You can also enjoy French and Alsatian cuisine at restaurant Chez Emile. For families, a visit to the Adventure Forest Alsace, which can be found directly at the Treetop Walk car park, is also a must. There are plenty of other places to visit in the surrounding area, such as the Cave Cleebourg or secret underground corridors from former military installations of the Maginot Line.

Things to do at the Treetop Walk in Alsace?

The trail has a total length of 1050 metres and passes through the forest and sandstone cliffs of the Nature Park Northern Vosges at treetop level. Along the Treetop Walk you will constantly find balconies with learning stations and information boards about the local nature. But there are also balancing and wobbling elements similar to those in a climbing garden in our activity stations, which challenge young and young-hearted to a test of courage. Our highlight is for sure the lookout tower, which offers 360° panoramic views over the Nature Park Northern Vosges and beyond, and with its fully accessible walkway it is also easy to reach for senior citizens, wheelchair users or families with prams. The route back down is either via the footbridge – or via the 75-metre-long slide. Pure adrenaline is guaranteed! At the end of your visit to the trail, you can take home a small souvenir from our shop and enjoy a meal at the Chez Emile restaurant, if you like. Both are located directly at the exit of the trail.

Why is it not possible to drive directly to the entrance to the Treetop Walk?

The Treetop Walk Alsace is located on a former military site to which only a very small road approaches. For safety reasons, for example for the fire brigade, this must be kept clear at all events. In addition, there are no parking spaces for visitors at the entrance to the Treetop Walk. We would like to keep the rare parking spaces directly at the entrance to the trail free for people with disabilities. However, our shuttle train will take you directly from the car park to the trail entrance – comfortably and free of charge.

May I park directly at the Treetop Walk Alsace?

Free parking at the Treetop Walk Alsace is located next to the swimming area 7 Fontaines in Drachenbronn, about 3 kilometres from the Treetop Walk. From there, our free shuttle train will take you to the entrance of the Treetop Walk. If you prefer to be more active, you can also enjoy a walk along a signposted hiking trail to the Treetop Walk. You will have to plan about one hour for the walk. Unfortunately, it is not possible to drive directly to the entrance of the Treetop Walk in your own car.

Can I take my dog with me to the Treetop Walk Alsace?

Dogs* and all kinds of animals are unfortunately not allowed along the trail or inside the shuttle train.

In both cases, the hygiene aspect and the safety aspect (for animals and humans) play a major role. The majority of responsible owners keep a close eye on their animal, nevertheless dogs can show unexpected social behaviour towards strangers and also towards their fellow species. Fear of heights in dogs can also trigger flight behaviour. Unfortunately, the limited width of the path and the shuttle train do not offer any possibilities of retreat or escape for animals or for people with a fear of these.

*Exception: disabled assistance dogs and care assistance dogs.



I am severely disabled and allowed to bring a companion with me free of charge. Is it possible to buy my tickets online?

Yes, in the ticket shop you can find the category “Reduced (with B in ID)” in the section of single tickets. Disabled people with the suffix “B” in their ID can book a free ticket for an assistant here.

May I rent wheelchairs and walkers?

We offer a wheelchair service at the Treetop Walk Alsace. Wheelchairs and walkers can be taken out at the entrance area free of charge. We kindly ask you to book in advance by phone on +33 3 69 50 86 00.

Important information:

  • On days with heavy visitor traffic, we ask for your patience if all wheelchairs/rollators are taken.
  • Please note that a valid photo ID has to be deposited at the cash desk when renting a wheelchair.
  • Please return the wheelchair to the ticket office at least one hour before closing time.
Are there toilets for the disabled at the Treetop Walk Alsace?

It is possible to use the wheelchair accessible toilets at the entry and exit of the trail.

Are there parking spaces for people with disabilities directly at the Treetop Walk?

We have two parking spaces for visitors with handicaps right next to the entrance to the Treetop Walk. When needed, please contact us in advance at +33 3 69 50 86 00.

Is the Treetop Walk barrier-free and suitable for pushchairs?

The Treetop Walk Alsace including its lookout tower is designed to be fully accessible. The trail has a maximum gradient of 6% and is accessible for wheelchair users and families with prams. Furthermore, there are rest areas without any ascents that offer opportunities to take a break.


How to find information about group pricing for the Treetop Walk in Alsace?

We offer great value group discounts that are scaled according to criteria such as group size or the age of participants. We will be glad to work with you to plan your tailor-made group trip. Contact us easily for more information, free of charge and without obligation.

Why does a visit to the Treetop Walk Alsace cost an admission fee?

We always aim to keep the price as affordable as possible so that as many people as possible get the chance to enjoy a visit. However, we are still a private company that does not receive any financial support through public authorities and we have to calculate our prices in an economically rational way. A visit to the Treetop Walk Alsace is priced similarly to other leisure activities, such as going to the cinema. Please also keep in mind that we provide the car park and our shuttle train free of charge.

Can I also visit the Treetop Walk in bad weather?

Yes, during rain the trail is fully accessible and during snowfall the trail is cleared and safe to walk on.

We only reserve the right to close the trail for security reasons in the event of thunderstorms, hail, storms and ice.

If we have to close the trail at short notice, we will announce it of course here on the website and via our social media channels Facebook and Instagram. We suggest you check back again on the day of your visit before you leave!

Attention: We have different opening hours for the giant slide as we have for the Treetop Walk


I have ordered an E-ticket but I did not receive an e-mail or can no longer find it. What should I do?

Did you accidentally delete or lose your confirmation of order? Please send us an e-mail to onlineticket@tr. We will be happy to provide your tickets again.

Can I transfer my E-ticket?

It is possible to transfer online tickets within the same ticket category (children, adults, concessions). The resale of tickets for commercial purposes, of course, is prohibited. Obviously, each E-ticket can only be used once.

Can I refund my E-Ticket?

Refunds for E-tickets are not possible. Please note that the day-dated E-Ticket will lose its validity if you do not redeem it on the booked date!
An exchange to another date is possible. Please write an E-mail to and let us know your order number and your new visit date.

How long are E-tickets valid for?

Our online tickets are valid on the day of your visit only. Please note the opening hours at the Treetop Walk Alsace.

Can I combine discounts or a special offer from events and promotions with the E-Ticket?

Discounted admission from special offers and events can only be obtained directly at the ticket office on the trail. There is a category “Reduced” in the ticket shop for people with disabilities, schoolchildren over 15, students, pensioners and 65+. For discounted tickets, please bring your ID with you so that it can be checked on site.

I have a free ticket for the Treetop Walk Alsace. Can I redeem it in the E-ticket shop?

Unfortunately, free tickets cannot be redeemed in the ticket shop, instead they can only be converted into an admission ticket directly at the ticket offices at site.

Can I buy a gift voucher for the Treetop Walk?

You can find our gift vouchers directly in the E-ticket shop.

Do I have to print my E-ticket?

No, you don’t have to print anything. To protect the environment, you can also show your ticket on a smartphone at the terminal. We recommend that you download the ticket in this case to avoid problems with poor mobile phone coverage.

Where to get tickets for the Treetop Walk?

Tickets can be purchased directly at the entrance to the trail or in our E-icket shop. If you decide to buy your ticket online, you might save yourself a long queue at the ticket office.