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A place to visit close to Wissenbourg


Walk in unspoiled nature, explore the wonderful world of the forest or enjoy breathtaking panoramas – all that is possible on the fully accessible Treetop Walk Alsace in Drachenbronn. Experience at first hand the cultural and natural heritage of the nature park of the Northern Vosges Mountains!

Near Colmar and Strassbourg


Das Weingut Cleebourg gilt als Geheimtipp für Weinliebhaber im Nordelsass.

Cave de Cleebourg

Within just a ten-minute ride from the Treetop Walk, you’ll find a real insider’s tip for wine lovers in northern Alsace. Take a guided tour of the wine cellar including a wine tasting or simply let the products of the “Lieux-dits” terroirs (vineyards with special soil characteristics) delight your senses, such as Crémant, Gewürztraminer, Pinot or Sylvaner!

Der Naturpark Nordvogesen zwischen Wiessembourg, Saverne und Sarreguemines eignet sich perfekt zum Wandern und Radfahren.

Hiking in the Nature Park Northern Vosges

Explore the home of chamois, roe deer, hazel grouse and lynx. The Northern Vosges Nature Park offers it all with its dense mixed forests, ponds and sandstone rocks stretching between Wissembourg, Saverne and Sarreguemines. Thousands of kilometres of well-signposted cycling and hiking trails can be found here.

Die Festung Four à Chaux ist stiller Zeitzeuge der militärischen Historie an der deutsch-französischen Grenze.

The fortress Four à Chaux

Dive into the history of Alsace! The Four à Chaux was part of the Maginot Line, the bunkers and secret passages along the Franco-German border during the Second World War. The soldiers fought there, but they also slept, lived and ate there. There was a grocery shop and even farm animals were housed in the bunkers. You can reach the Four à Chaux area by car in ten minutes starting from the Treetop Walk Alsace.

Für in Historie interessierte Touristen befindet sich unweit des Baumwipfelpfads Bunker-Komplex Fort de Schoenenburg

Fort de Schoenenbourg

Another 15-minute drive from the Treetop Walk takes you to Fort de Schoenenbourg, the largest publicly accessible bunker complex of the Maginot Line in Alsace. During World War II, secret emergency exits and an underground power station, sinkable tank turrets and guns were located door to door next to the bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms of the French soldiers.

Hunspach wurde aufgrund seiner Fachwerkhäuser und des reichen Kulturerbes von den Franzosen zu Ihrem Lieblingsdorf gewählt.

Hunspach – The French people’s favourite village

Eguisheim in Alsace is known to many for being France’s most beautiful village. But do you also know Hunspach, the favourite village of the French people? Whitewashed framework houses with gabled roofs, red geraniums hanging from the windows and the folklore festival in summer are typical in this town. In 2020, the French chose Hunspach as their favourite village because of its rich cultural heritage! It is just a 15-minute journey by car from the Treetop Walk Alsace to get there.

Die Kleinstadt Wissembourg blickt auf eine lange Geschichte zurück und ist vom Baumwipfelpfad gut zu erreichen.


Tiny boutiques, amazing restaurants serving Alsatian cuisine and houses that have been standing there for a thousand years describes the town of Wissembourg. The small town right on the border with the Rhineland-Palatinate, not only captivates with its rich history. From the Treetop Walk Alsace, Wissembourg is barely 20 minutes away by car.

Das Château fort de Fleckenstein bietet den Besuchern neben Führungen auch eine spielerische Ausstellung für die Kinder.

Fleckenstein Castle

Take a journey back in time to the days of knights and ladies! The Château fort de Fleckenstein hosts individual or guided tours, the “Quiz castle” discovery trail for families and a hands-on “P’tit Fleck” exhibition for the little ones – bringing the history of the castle, which was considered ” unconquerable” in the Middle Ages, to life.

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