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Treetop Walk KrkonoŇ°e

Discover the forest in
a unique dimension

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Treetop Walk in the Czech KrkonoŇ°e mountains

Discover the KrkonoŇ°e mountains
on the treetop trail

The Treetop Walk is located in the heart of the majestic forests of the KrkonoŇ°e National Park. It shows the unique nature of the highest mountain range in the Czech Republic with its subalpine character of glacier carvings, mountain lakes and rugged cliffs. We will introduce you to the beautiful forests here literally from the roots to the treetops. You participate in the life of the forest and get to know many animals and plants that you won’t find anywhere else.

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Explore the Treetop Walk KrkonoŇ°e

Around the trail

Treetop Walk of the KrkonoŇ°e Mountains in Jansk√© L√°znńõ 80m long tunnel slide

The slide

In the middle of the lookout tower, an 80-metre-long tunnel slide winds its way down to the ground. You can choose to take a shortcut down the slide and experience a real adrenaline rush.

Treetop Walk KrkonoŇ°e Giant Mountains in Jansk√© L√°znńõ Emil's forest playground and mini zoo

Emil’s forest world

For our youngest visitors, we created a special attraction at the end of the visit. Located at the exit of the trail you will find Emil’s Forest World, where children can playfully explore the rabbit hole, the spider’s web, the wolf’s den, the bird observation boxes, the squirrel’s hutch and the fox’s den. The mini-zoo at the playground is also a popular attraction. There is no entrance fee for visitors to the trail in Emil’s Forest World!

Treetop Walk KrkonoŇ°e in Jansk√© L√°znńõ refreshments at the V crowns restaurant

Restaurant in the treetops

The journey is not over yet. Let us delight you at the end of your wonderful hike in our stylish Restaurace V korun√°ch (Restaurant in the Treetops). We cook different dishes on a daily basis, from Czech classics to international cuisine. We use seasonal ingredients and focus on the freshness of all dishes.


This is the only place where you will find a cave that lets you dive into the depths of the forest ground. An interactive exhibition takes you to the roots of the trees, where all kinds of animals live. You will find unique installations that bring the native flora and fauna of the KrkonoŇ°e Forest to life, including species of animals and plants that can’t be found anywhere else!

FAQ on the Treetop Walk KrkonoŇ°e

Frequently asked questions
and answers


Is it possible to enter the Treetop Walk with a dog?

Is it possible to enter the Treetop Walk with a dog?

Because of safety and hygiene reasons, dogs are not allowed to enter the Treetop Walk. In order you don’t have to leave your animal friend at home, however, we provide clean, lockable boxes free of charge at the entrance, where your pet can relax and wait for you.

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Do we have to book tickets in advance?

Do we have to book tickets in advance?

No, you don’t have to. Tickets can always be purchased on site. On busy days, we recommend using our e-ticket shop, where you can buy tickets online. This helps you to avoid queues at the entrance

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Is there parking on site?

Is there parking on site?

Yes. There is a large, fully accessible car park right next to the Treetop Walk KrkonoŇ°e. If it is fully packed, you can use the central car park in Jansk√© L√°znńõ, from where there is a 1-kilometre hiking trail leading directly to theTreetop Walk.

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The KrkonoŇ°e National Park

There is much more to discover

There are many other exciting destinations close to the Treetop Walk. The ńĆernohorsk√Ĺ Express in Jansk√© L√°znńõ is a cable car that takes you to the top of ńĆern√° Hora, from where you can continue hiking through the ńĆernohorsk√° Moor to Pec pod SnńõŇĺkou. Don’t feel like hiking? How about wellness right in Jansk√© L√°znńõ, which is a world-famous spa resort. The wellness and spa programmes are designed for all generations.

Discover the KrkonoŇ°e National Park

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Surprise your loved ones, colleagues or employees with a unique experience in the treetops.

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Groups or school classes on the Treetop Walk

New routes for your
group trip

Do you wish to visit the treetops in a larger group? That’s no problem, no matter if it’s a group of friends, a hobby group, a school group or a corporate event. We have special group discounts, the possibility to have a guide and a discounted menu in the restaurant prepared.

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