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Can I reach the treetop path Salzkammergut by car?

The Treetop Walk is, as it is found on top of the Gr├╝nberg mountain, not directly accessible by car. You can reach us by cable car, on foot or by bike.

Where can I park?

Parking is available at the Gr├╝nberg valley station.




How much does parking cost?

The parking is chargeable from 30 minutes. Maximum 8ÔéČ/day.

Are there accessible car parking spaces for people with handicap?

Yes. Parking spaces for people with handicaps are available at the Gr├╝nberg cable car valley station.

How can I reach the Salzkammergut treetop path on foot?

There are several hiking trails that lead to the Salzkammergut treetop path. Some are more challenging, some less. You can find detailed information about the available hiking routes here.

Can I reach the path by bike?

Are you more of a bike fan? The Gr├╝nberg is a great place for a bike tour! We recommend that you read up on the routes beforehand to choose the best cycling route for you.

It is always possible to take the cable car up and then have a relaxing bike ride. However, the Treetop Walk and the observation tower cannot be cycled on for safety reasons.

The most detailed information about the available cycle paths/e-bike trails can be found here:

I took the cable car up the Gr├╝nberg, where is the entrance to the Treetop Walk Salzkammergut?

Many of our visitors head for our tower, which is on your left when you have arrived on the Gr├╝nberg by cable car. But the tower is the exit of the walkway. You have to go in the opposite direction, please pay attention to the signs. The ticket office and the main entrance are on the right, as seen from the cable car station. It is about a 5-minute walk from the cable car station to the entrance of the trail.


Can I take my dog with me on the path?

Dogs* and animals of all kinds are not allowed on the trail.

In addition to the hygiene aspect, the safety aspect (for animals and humans) plays a major role in this decision. Most responsible owners keep a close eye on their animals, but dogs can still show unexpected social behaviour towards strangers and also towards their peers. A fear of heights in dogs can also trigger flight behaviour. Unfortunately, the narrow path offers neither retreat nor escape possibilities for animals nor for people with a fear of dogs.

There are doghouses with drinking water available for your four-legged friends at the treetop path, and you can use them free of charge.

Last key allocation for dog-boxes one hour before the ticket office closes!

Information on this is available at the ticket office.

*Exception: disabled companion dogs and care assistance dogs.

Is the trail open in bad weather? Can I visit the Treetop Walk if itÔÇÖs rainy or snowy?

Yes, the path is open the whole year, even when it rains. When it snows the path is cleared and can be walked on.

Only in the event of thunderstorms, hail, storms and ice, we reserve the right to close the trail for safety reasons.

If we have to close the trail at short notice, we will announce it here on the website, on Facebook and Instagram. We recommend that you check back on the day of your visit before you head out!

Please note: The opening hours for the slide are different from those on the trail. In case of rain, snow, high humidity or bad weather, the slide will remain closed or may be closed at short notice.

How long does a walk on the Salzkammergut treetop path take?

About 1 hour. Depending on how inquisitive you are, the walk can take a little longer.

I have a fear of heights. Could I have a problem with that on the trail?

Such individual characteristics can influence a walk on our trail. Most people get used to it after a short time and enjoy their time in the treetops. Of course, you should pay attention to how you feel. If you have a queasy feeling, you can simply walk along the trail without visiting the 39m high observation tower. The path and the viewing platform are at your disposal.

Is the slide on the tower something for scaredy-cats?

Our slide is suitable for both children and adults. Children under 6 must be accompanied by an adult.

Our slide is described by visitors as more “fun, breezy, laugh out loud” and less scary.

Are there special events for children at the Salzkammergut treetop path?

You can find our events on our website and on social media.


Is there a nappy-changing room nearby?

There is a baby changing room in the valley station of the Gr├╝nberg cable car and in the Gr├╝nbergalm, which can be used free of charge.


Is it possible to buy a souvenir as a memory of the excursion?

Yes, we have a large shop by the tower at the end of the trail with various souvenirs and useful items.

Is the Treetop Walk Salzkammergut open in winter?

From December 2022 to April 2023 we have tested a winter opening for the first time in favourable weather conditions. Unfortunately, the weather in the mountains is very unpredictable. Snow and rain sometimes prevent us from opening. You can keep up to date with any changes to opening times on our website and social media.

(Facebook and Instagram)

Can I fly a drone on the Treetop Walk?

For private purposes, everyone is allowed to take pictures and film on the treetop path with a mobile phone or camera. However, overflights and filming with drones are generally prohibited. In addition to environmental protection (noise from larger drones, disturbance of animal habitats during take-off, landing and drone flights), the protection of our visitors from unwanted recordings also plays a role in the ban.

A filming permit is always required for photo and film recordings made at the treetop path for commercial purposes. More information is available in our press section

Can I smoke on the treetop path?

Smoking is prohibited on the treetop path. This may seem strange for an open-air leisure facility, but please note: You are in a strictly protected area. Carelessly discarded cigarette stubs are unwelcome co-inhabitants here, which not only persist (2-7 years) but can also start forest fires.

Can I use inline skates, scooters or bicycles on the trail?

Unfortunately no! For safety reasons, inline skates, skateboards, city scooters and bicycles are not allowed on the trail.

Can I take a picnic with me on the treetop path?

Of course you are allowed to bring your own food and drinks. Please note, however, that you must take back everything you bring with you. For the sake of the environment, please do not throw any rubbish off the trail and leave it as you would like to find it. There are rubbish bins in several places around the trail.


Is the trail accessible by wheelchair? Is the Treetop Walk barrier-free/ suitable for prams?

The walkway on the mountain, which leads to the Treetop Walk Salzkammergut, and the path itself including the observation tower are designed to be fully accessible and age friendly.

With a maximum gradient of 6%, the path is accessible for wheelchair users or families with prams.

Areas without ascents offer resting opportunities along the way.

Are there wheelchairs or walkers available on loan?

We offer a wheelchair service at the Salzkammergut treetop path. Wheelchairs and walkers can be hired free of charge by prior arrangement by telephone. Pre-booking by telephone +43 7612 / 219 00-0.

Important information:

  • We ask for your understanding if all wheelchairs/wheelchairs are taken on days with particularly high visitor numbers.
  • Please note that a valid photo ID must be deposited at the cash desk as a deposit when renting a wheelchair.
  • The ID must be collected from the ticket office at least 1 hour before closing time.
Are there toilets and special toilet rooms for people with handicaps at the Treetop Walk?

There are no toilets on the trail itself, on the observation tower or in the shop. However, toilets and toilets for people with special needs are available at the Gr├╝nberg cable car valley station and in the immediate vicinity of the exit to the treetop path.


Is there a student discount?

Not exactly, but up to the age of 19 you pay a cheaper rate.

Are grandparents and grandchildren included in the family rate?

Yes, like parents, grandparents also receive the family rate.

Where do I get tickets?

You can buy tickets at the ticket office of the treetop path (last admission is one hour before closing time of the path) or as a combi-ticket with ascent and descent at the valley station of the Gr├╝nberg cable car. The combined tickets are also available online from the Gr├╝nberg cable car.

See the cable car ticketshop