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The Treetop Walk in the Bavarian Forest National Park

Climb the green
roof of Europe

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Treetop Walk Bavaria

Experience the Bavarian
Forest in new ways

The Bavarian Forest National Park and its Czech sister National Park Šumava, together with other protected areas in the border triangle, form the largest continuous forest area in Central Europe – or also: the green roof of our continent. Right in the middle: The Treetop Walk Bavarian Forest, which opens up a unique view of this natural jewel and its inhabitants.

Entrance fees and opening hours

Planning a visit

Here you will find all information about our opening hours, prices and how to get to the Treetop Walk in Neuschönau.

Opening hours and arrival Admission prices

In addition to the Treetop Walk and the forest

What to discover around the trail

Numerous Bavarian delicacies are available in the beer garden and restaurant

Restaurant and café

Forest air makes you hungry! Near the trail, you can get something to eat at the Waldwirtschaft with its beer garden or Café EISENMANN with its sun terrace.

Lynxes and other native forest animals can be marveled at in the game enclosure in the National Park Center

Animal reserve

Visit the lynx, bear and other rare birds: The wildlife area right next to the viewing tower of the Treetop Walk brings around 40 native mammal and bird species, some of which are endangered, up close and personal in 200 hectares of space.

The lovingly designed wooden playground offers plenty of room for children to let off steam.

Children’s playground

Near the entrance to the treetop trail, right next to the beer garden of the Waldwirtschaft, little explorers will find a lovingly designed wooden playground to let off steam.

The forest exhibition in the Hans-Eisenmann-Haus directly at the trail exit provides interesting information about Germany's oldest national park.


Climb the Lusen mountain indoors, watch films in the cinema or discover the secrets of the National Park on the children’s rally through the forest exhibition: The visitor centre directly at the trail exit teaches everything about the forest network in a playful way.

FAQ about the path and your stay

Frequent questions - and answers


Is the trail open in bad weather?

Is the trail open in bad weather?

Yes, the trail is open all year round, even when it rains, and when it snows the trail is cleared and accessible.

Only during thunderstorms, hail, storms and ice do we reserve the right to close the trail for safety reasons.

If we have to close the trail at short notice, we will announce it here on the website. We recommend you check back there on the day of your visit before you begin your journey!

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Is the trail accessible by wheelchair?

Is the trail accessible by wheelchair?

Is the Treetop Walk accessible and suitable for prams?

The path to the Treetop Walk in the Bavarian Forest National Park and the Treetop Walk including the observation tower are designed to be accessible to wheelchairs.

With a maximum gradient of 6%, the path can also be used by wheelchair users or prams. Rest areas without ascents offer repeated opportunities for rest.

We recommend that people with a disabled pass (B) buy their ticket on site at the ticket office. We offer a discounted ticket and free admission for the accompanying person on
presentation of the ID.

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Are dogs allowed on the Treetop Walk in Neuschönau?

Are dogs allowed on the Treetop Walk in Neuschönau?

Dogs* or animals of any kind are unfortunately not allowed on the trail, not even on a lead or in a bag.

In addition to the hygiene aspect, the safety aspect (for animals and humans) plays a major role in the ban on animals on the trail. Most responsible owners keep a safe eye on their animal, yet dogs can show unexpected social behaviour towards strangers and also towards other animals. A fear of heights in dogs can also trigger flight behaviour. Unfortunately, the narrow path width offers neither retreat nor escape possibilities for animals or for people with any fear of animals.

*Exception: companion dogs for the disabled and assistance dogs.

However, there are dog crates with fresh water available on the grounds, which you can use free of charge. You can get info about this at the ticket office.

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Bavarian Forest National Park Holiday Region

There is much more to discover

Your visit to the Treetop Walk will take about 1.5 to 2 hours. Do you feel at home in the primeval forest – or are you planning a day trip? In the Bavarian Forest National Park holiday region you will find the best of the forest: hiking trails, museums, handmade glass art and more are just waiting for you to explore. And if you want to stay longer, tranquil hotels and wellness retreats tempt you to soak up the atmosphere and relax.

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Looking for gift ideas for men? Do you need a gift for a woman? Or are you wondering what you could give to a co-worker or colleague? We have the solution. How about an experience that will be remembered for a lifetime?

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Open the Ticket Shop and select the menu item “Redeem Gift Vouchers”. Our ticket shop will then guide you through the process and you’ll have your valid ticket in your mailbox in no time!

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Group tour
bus trip or school trip to the Treetop Walk

New ways for
your group outing

Schoolchildren jump into the air at evening event on the lookout tower

Whether it’s a club weekend, a company outing or a school trip: the Treetop Walk Bavarian Forest with its trademark egg tower will lift your group trip to amazing heights. Here you will find everything you need for planning, such as our low group rate, group tours and information for travel companies.

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Treetop Walk in the Bavarian Forest National Park

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